Privileges at Cornell Club in Manhattan For Leewood Members!

How Reciprocal Club Privileges Work

  • A letter of introduction is required to visit the Cornell Club.
  • Leewood will provide the introductory letter, please contact the Club
  • It is up to the Member to make arrangements with the Cornell Club prior to requesting the mandatory letter of introduction.
  • A letter of introduction must be rendered for each visit to the Club
  • Letters of introduction cannot be sent more than 30 days prior to your intended arrival date at the Cornell Club.
  • Charges must be settled with a credit card upon departure.
  • To learn more about the Club, please visit:
If you have any questions regarding reciprocal privileges, please contact the Front Desk.

Check out some of what the club has to offer in the pictures below!

Cornell Club Queen Room

Tap & Grill Room

Cayuga Room