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Dining at Leewood Golf Club is an event in itself—a symphony of flavors, ambience, and exceptional service. Under the expertise of Chef Norberto and his dedicated staff, we offer an unforgettable dining experience, whether it's a la carte dining, gourmet buffets, or casual menu options.

Our Main Dining Room is the epitome of elegance and versatility. Host to a variety of events throughout the year—from themed dinner nights and holiday parties to Member-Guest receptions and the esteemed President’s Ball—this beautifully adorned space can be transformed to suit any occasion. Ideal for private parties, it sets the mood for celebrating birthdays, bridal and baby showers, and anniversaries.

Private Dining

For more intimate gatherings, our clubhouse offers the Library and the upper dining room, each imbued with their own distinct charm. The Library exudes formal elegance with its ornate bookshelves and portraits of Leewood’s Presidents, while the upper dining room offers a cozy atmosphere, amplified by its welcoming fireplace.

Terrace Room

For a more casual, laid-back setting, the Terrace Room stands ready to welcome you. Chef Norberto's excellence shines through in the menus, meeting the needs of even the heartiest appetites.

Bambino’s Pub

Whether you've just finished a round of golf, just stopping by for lunch, or meeting fellow members for a round of darts, Bambino's Pub is the perfect spot for relaxation. Adorning the walls of Bambino’s, you’ll find a homage to the club's rich history, listing all Club Champions since its inception in 1922.

Halfway House

Situated at the back of the 8th green, our Halfway House and adjoining patio serve as a quick respite during your round, offering a convenient break before you continue your game.

Dining Menus & Specials

At Leewood, culinary innovation is a constant endeavor. Chef Norberto, along with the Leewood Management & Staff, are committed to providing an exceptional dining experience that evolves with time. Look out for frequently updated specials to tantalize your taste buds. If you have a specific request not found on the menu, we kindly ask for a 48-hour notice to accommodate your wishes.

Indulge in the culinary wonders at Leewood Golf Club and create moments that will last a lifetime.