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Babe Ruth

George "Babe" Ruth, an iconic figure in the annals of Major League Baseball, occupies a special place in the history of Leewood Golf Club. His association with the club began in 1936 when he was made an honorary member, a gesture extended by his close friend, B.F. Curry, who served as the Club President at the time. In a heartfelt response to Curry's invitation, Babe Ruth expressed his deep appreciation for the warm reception he received during a previous match at Leewood, describing the members as a remarkable group of individuals.

Notably, Babe Ruth seamlessly transitioned from the diamond to the fairways, a feat that few veteran baseball players had achieved in the world of golf. An article in the New York Sun from May 7, 1940, marveled at his ability to adapt his swing and play golf at a high level. Ruth's prowess on the golf course was evident as he regularly recorded impressive rounds, often shooting around 75. According to legend, he possessed the power to launch a golf ball from the 14th tee all the way to the green, a testament to his extraordinary skills.

To honor the enduring legacy of Babe Ruth, Leewood Golf Club has dedicated spaces in his name. The former Men's Grille has been transformed into Bambino's Pub, paying homage to the Sultan of Swat's iconic nickname. Additionally, the Babe Ruth Room, an inviting lounge situated within the men's locker room, houses a treasure trove of memorabilia and photographs, some of which were gifted to the membership by the Babe’s granddaughter, Linda Ruth Tosetti.

Babe Ruth's connection with Leewood was so profound that he proudly displayed a trophy he won at the club in 1937 in his space at the Baseball Hall of Fame, underscoring the significance of his time spent at this esteemed institution.