Babe Ruth

Leewood’s most famous member is undoubtedly Babe Ruth, whose memory is celebrated in the Babe Ruth Room (bottom right photo), a lounge off the men’s locker room full of his pictures and memorabilia. Some of the items in the room were gifted to the membership by the Babe’s granddaughter, Linda Ruth Tosetti.

It is a sure bet the Sultan of Swat never, ever laid up to the lake on the post-renovation17th hole, a short downhill par 4 where the water stretches across the entire fairway, ready to swallow anything less than a home run. Word has it that the Babe not only carried the lake (over a 250 yard drive required), but could drive the 300+ yard green, no mean feat in the days of persimmon drivers and pneumatic-core balls.

It is said that the underpass leading to the Bronx River Parkway near Leewood was built expressly for the Babe to make a quick getaway to Yankee Stadium.

The Babe was so proud of playing at Leewood, he placed the trophy he won at the Club in 1937 in his space at the Baseball Hall of Fame.